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The world's first
DEX exchange powered
by bitcoin mining

OneDex addresses the volatile liquidity problem in the protocol as its liquidity is directly fueled by the bitcoin mining of a real mining farm. The platform operates on the basis of the ONB token.

How do DEX exchanges work?

Traditional DEX operates with a model in which users provide their funds and thereby create pools of liquidity on the exchange. This enables traders to make exchange transactions on the platform directly between participants (peer-to-peer) without any financial intermediaries.

How does OneDex exchange work?

The exchange's OneDex liquidity pool is filled not only with the traditional model, in which only liquidity providers create a liquidity pool, but also constantly automatically filled with real bitcoin mined on the company's own mining farm.
The more Bitcoin fills the OneDex pool, the less dependent and vulnerable the platform becomes. No other exchange in the world has a such model.
Our platform fees tend to 0 over time, as OneDex does not need to constantly engage liquidity providers. Platform users can count on the most favorable conditions.

Road Map

Founding of OneBoost Specializing in the sale of mining equipment from China
Research of advanced technologies
within the blockchain and crypto industry
Mining equipment service center launch
Launched a modern data center with a capacity of 10 MW
Expanding the team and attracting specialists with deep knowledge
in deep tech, blockchain and social marketing. Launch of the private sale of the ONB token.
Formation of the idea and development of the concept of a new generation of decentralized exchange OneDex through market research, psychology of the modern consumer and social networks
Finalization of the OneBoost platform ecosystem concept and ONB token.
Increase in mining power
data center from 10 MW to 50 MW
Joint NFT project with a star
Expanding the OneDex ecosystem
OneDex DEX Official Launch and Public Token Sale
Mining pool launch
Research and development of an automated system for forecasting and trading crypto
Development of a beta version of a personal account, in which each user can observe behind the balance of tokens
Beta version of OneDex exchange
Updated version of your personal account,
from which you can receive and withdraw the mined bitcoin to your wallet